Telemark Skiing

Whether you are looking to try telemark for the first time or you are a well seasoned free-heeled pro. Take a telemark lesson with Marmalade and discover the joys of a free heel and a free mind.


Telemark ski lessons meribel

About Telemark Skiing

Telemark Lessons Meribel, Courchevel and across the 3 valleys.

Lose the heel, drop the knee and get down low for a truly great way to enjoy the slopes.

Think of telemark skiing like you might think of go-karting compared to driving. You are down low, fully absorbed, in the action and smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat.

If you are looking for a new skiing challenge – physical and technical then telemark skiing could be for you. It’s physically more demanding than alpine skiing and requires a smoother, defter touch.

Telemark Lessons Meribel


A brief history lesson

Records of skiing date can be traced back over 4000 years but was originally and purely a method of transport. Then around the 1870’s some bright spark in Norway turned it into sport using the “Telemark” style, which involved a free heel and just a connection at the toes to keep the skier on their skis.

From there it developed into what we now call “alpine” skiing, which is what you mainly see on our slopes. Our heels are attached to the skis and the shape, design and technology of skis and bindings is forever improving to better our time on the hill.

Telemark lessons meribel

The rebirth of telemark skiing started in the 1970’s over in the US of A but it has seen a huge rebirth in more recent years – it’s great fun, it’s challenging, it’s smile inducing and it’ll change your view of skiing. Free the heel!

So if you feel ready to change your style, learn to drop the knee and use modern equipment but the original style of downhill skiing then come give it a go with us.

Telemark Lessons Meribel, Courchevel, La Tania and across the 3 Valleys


  • Price guide

    1. 3 Hours


      €290 €315 peak
    2. 3 Hours


      €250 €315 peak
    3. 4 Hours

      Morning only

      €375 €395 peak
    4. 6 Hours

      Full Day

      €525 non peak only
    5. 7 Hours

      Full Day

      €595 €640 peak

    Please note that our peak period prices apply during the main school holidays over Christmas, New Year, February Half Term and Easter.

    These prices are based on up to 3 people in the lesson. If you do wish to add more into the group then there is a supplement of €20 per person.