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Decided against the google suggestions for #hashtagdujour and am going with #walkingwednesdays.Ski touring, hiking, getting away from the beaten track. Its something we are hugely into at Marmalade. Pistes are great, piste skiing is great – its essential for providing feedback and creating a work place to make things like off-piste skiing more enjoyable. .Off-piste skiing is fantastic and anyone can tell you its what we dream of. Powder skiing is the king. .But ski touring. Its another level. Its all about the journey – a journey which will hopefully provide us with great snow conditions but it doesnt matter if not. Its pure, its free, its fresh, its clean, its energy, its friendship, its the unknown, its exciting, its challenging, its physical, its mental, it is #aveczest.Come take a walk with us one day. .#marmaladeskischool #meribel #les3vallees #skitouring #backcountry #allaboutthejourney #challenge #befree #explore #mountains #snow #walkon – 2019-07-17 11:29:41

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