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Apparently on a Monday we need a little #mondaymotivation so heres our addition to the pot! .Learning to ski – much like learning any sport/hobby/craft/skill – can be pretty frustrating at times. Its a rollercoaster of success and failure. .Then every so often we are gifted a reward for our efforts. Sometimes its as simple as the views that surround us; sometimes its a sensation that has never been felt before; sometimes a realisation things are happening automatically without thought or effort and sometimes its a thanks be to whomever for surviving those hairy moments! .These rewards, these gifts. Thats what makes every failure worth dusting off and going again. To go back up the slope and take on the scary green run, to look down a mogul field with bumps as big as boulders, or to step forward into the unknown. .Sometimes if youre really lucky somebody like @rosswoodhall will catch a tiny moment in time that you is a memento for life. .Cheers Ross and cheers to the ongoing rollercoaster of learning to ski. It hasnt stopped and there are more successes and failures coming soon! – 2019-07-15 12:24:36

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