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For the last few years Del has been lucky enough to be invited and test with the Ski Club of Great Britain team. It’s a brilliant week with a load of good skiing and skiing with great friends. What’s not to like?? Plus there is a unique chance to see what is going to be hitting the shelves this coming winter.

Having an insight into how the skis can work is not only beneficial for choosing one’s own skis but in adding value to someone’s ski lesson. If a ski is unsuitable – too stiff, too short, too soft, too long, too sharp, not sharp enough – then simply put you can’t ski to your best no matter what level you are.

Equipment plays a high part in how we ski. Get the right kit on your feet and your half way to laughing! And skiing well too.

Each year we test on behalf of the Ski Club an array of skis. This array reflects the readership of the Ski Club and this year the categories were

  • Piste Performance
  • All Mountain
  • Off-Piste
  • “Free Tour”

In short there were very few bad pairs of skis. It’s so interesting to test all the different makes and to feel the subtle differences between them. As usual all the big names were there Salomon, Head, Scott, K2, Dynastar, Blizzard, Fischer, Rossignol, Atomic. These guys have the pedigree of great skis but lets not forget about the other companies who whilst they may not have the same pedigree they certainly have style, history and knowledge of how to make great skis – Armada, Majesty, Faction, Kastle, Volkl, Black Crows and many more.

Here’s a link to last years tests so you can see what we get up to – Ski Test 2014/15

As for the results from this year? They’ll be out soon…..