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Warm up for the winter.

Warm up for Winter – pre skiing fitness exercises!

There is always so much talk about having that perfect summer body but what about getting your bod warmed up for the winter!

We are firm believes that you do not have to have the most athletic shape when it comes to skiing but being fit will not only help prevent injury and improve performance but will make you enjoy being on the slopes even more!

Anyone who has skied before is aware of the day 1 leg burn and the day 3 ache of muscles you didn’t know existed – let us try help minimise this to allow you to ski harder and for longer! When your friends are screaming for a rest, you will still be raring to go, not only on the slopes but dancing at Apres too! You’re welcome!

From hopping around in the deep powder to cruising the blues it is beneficial for you to get those muscles into action pre winter!

We teamed up with our friend Georgie founder of Neutreat ( to show you some exercise’s that can start getting you warmed up in time for skiing!

  1. The classic “wall squat”
The classic wall squat

Strengthen those thighs with a wall squat! Build muscle endurance to help combat that muscle burn at the end of a run.

  • Find a wall
  • Stand with your back resting against the wall
  • Move down into a squat position
  • Hold it for as long as you can (ideally a minute minimum) have a break and repeat!
  • To make it harder you can add weights or get lower. Really push that bum and back into the wall!


  1. The Telemark Lunge

These are fabulous for your strength, balance and coordination. They will work not only your legs but the core too.

  • Step or jump one leg forward so the front leg forms a right angle but your knee does not go over your toe. Your back leg should bent almost touching the floor.
  • Do 20 repetitions 4 times with a break or another exercise in between.
  • To make it harder add weights, to make it easier slow it down!


  1. The skiers Squat

Another squat because the thighs (quads) really are a vital muscle group when skiing. This time it includes engaging your core and requires coordination and balance! All imperative when skiing!

  • Stand with your legs together
  • Bend one knee back behind your body whilst lowering your bottom down into a squat position
  • Do 10 repetitions on each leg 4 timeswith a break or another exercise in between.
  • To make it easier hold onto a wall for balance!



  1. The Slalom Hop

This is good cardio exercise to get that heart pumping like it would on the slopes whilst focusing on your flexion & extension control.

  • Keep your legs together and hop from side to side
  • Touch your ankle on the hop – so when you hop left, your left and reaches down and touches your left ankle
  • Stand up and repeat!
  • Do 20 hops 4 times with a break or another exercise in between.


  1. The Chair lift salute

You use your core way more than you think when skiing. Your abs and lower back are engaged constantly on more technical terrain and even when turning.

  • Lie flat on the floor.
  • Put your hands flat on the floor and push up so that you are in a plank position, legs hip width apart. Your weight is resting in your hands and toes.
  • Lift up your arm into a salute against your forehead.
  • Do this for 10 turns with each arm, 2 times
  • To make this easier just do a normal plank and hold it for 60 seconds


Good luck and see you on the slopes (and maybe some apres too?)


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