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Top 5 Ski Touring Tips

Top 5 Ski Touring Tips

We asked our MarmaLady Jojo for her top 5 ski touring tips and this is what she gave us……

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  1. Always bring a headband and sunnies for the ascent.
  2. Stay well hydrated and fed (bring water, snacks and emergency chocolate particularly if you are with your girlfriend and she suffers a bout of the old “h-anger”).
  3. Don’t forget to pack a ski tie in case you have to boot pack somewhere  and need to fix your skis to your back pack.
  4. Wear your layers. That way you can strip off easily and not overheat.
  5. Know your route and make plans for bad weather or forced change of route. If the weather comes in, or you need to change your route then you need a sensible exit strategy to move on to.
  6. Keep a steady pace for the group. Understand the fitness levels and ability. Take little breaks to help stave off tiredness.
  7. Take, wear, have and know how to use all your avalanche equipment.


**** You may have noticed she couldn’t stick to 5 but well that’s her style!!

Get Yourself Ski Touring

Ski touring – if you have never tried it then book a lesson with us and let us show you the way. We’ll make all the plans – you bring the headband and sunnies!

It’s a fantastic way to get away from the crowds. To experience new skiing challenges, techniques, tactics and sensations. To keep fit and get zen!

Come give it a go….


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