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Spring skiing in Meribel is the best!

Each month, each week gives us a different type of skiing over here. Sure we all love the cold deep powder days of January and February. Then the days get longer. They get warmer and things change….

Our man Greg has a few thoughts on the subject.

Spring skiing can mean anything and everything. Every day is a new day and a totally different day at that.

Wake up to the birds tweeting and singing. Queues? What queues? I haven’t seen a queue all day let alone people. I’m cruising through the lifts as and when I want without being stopped.

One of the rules is just to do a little bit of homework and forward planning – which slopes get the early sun as they will soften up first. Get this right and you’ll be skiing in awesome snow for most of the day. And you’ll get the tan too!

Finish skiing in the early afternoon – lets be honest it can get too slushy later in the day and is that what we want. Is that bad? Nope because before you know it you’re sipping a nice glass of rosé on a sunbaked terrace with your family and a couple of friends watching the sun slowly set with the stunning white mountains peering over you in the background.

Few people realize how good skiing conditions are in Spring, both on and off-piste. A bonus of this lack of knowledge is that many tour operators , ski schools and, indeed, shops, offer amazing deals. Cheap holidays, lessons, rental, spring sales, prices slashed!!

Piste skiing is all about following that sunshine!. Get it right and the results are yours.

Moguls. Bumps. Man made lumps of joy. Spring is where the bump skiers get their shred on. Slushy bumps are the best. Get it right and you’ll get respect from the chair – get it wrong then you can simply pile through the slushy lump and get it right on the next bump. No self respecting bump skier dislikes spring.

The off-piste is rarely (but don’t rule it out) that wintery powder however off-piste snow when it softens with the heat of the sun, and when the timing is right, can be an absolute joy to ski in. There is a process of melting during the day and refreezing at night. Get your timing right and you get spring corn which is simply sublime!

Or if you are really lucky – one of those heavy April showers we all know about will pass by and fall as snow on our mountain. Get out quick and enjoy some unexpected, late season powder!!

With all this spring joyfulness in mind Marmalade is slashing it’s prices for the week of the 11th of April. £155 for a 3 hour lesson or £199 for a 4 hour ski touring session.

Keep an eye on the snow, keep an eye out for deals and don’t give up on the season. The best is just about to come! Proof is below……

April 12th Mont Vallon powder

Mont Vallon video

Mid April – 4th Valley powder

4th Valley powder video

5th April – Col De Fruit Powder and Spring Corn

Col de Fruit video

See you soon