snowing in meribel
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It’s snowing in Meribel, finally….

Guess what?

Marmalade is happy to announce – finally – it’s snowing in Meribel!!

snowing in meribel

Its been a while but finally the skies broke and dropped off some of the good stuff.

Until now the pistes have been excellent. Every Meribel ski school has been out and working hard and its all thanks to the big guns at Meribel Alpina. There can be no doubt how hard the ski resort of Meribel and all of the workers responsible for maintaining the pistes and all across the 3 Valleys have been working.

A sigh of relief to see snow falling and we hope this is just the start. The forecast for Meribel and across the 3 Valleys is for more snow to keep falling later this week and into next. Fingers crossed its correct!

If you haven’t booked then there will be some crazy last minute deals going on with various chalet operators.

What’s happening in January

Keep an eye out for more snow on the horizon.

Mega deals from various chalet companies. Get the booking fingers ready!

More photos, videos and stories from team Marmalade as things get going finally!!



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