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Top 5 Skiing Gadgets for Next Season

Today’s Daily Spread news comes courtesy of our friends at Alpine Infusion who’d like to highlight some of the new technology and gadgets available to us all for this coming winter. Could make for some ideal Christmas presents!

Top 5 Skiing Gadgets for Next Season

With the next ski season coming up fast it’s time to update those gadgets to reach your ultimate performance goals and carve the slopes in style.

We have scoured the web and talked to industry experts up and down the country to put together a list of the top five skiing gadgets to help you ace this season.

With this arsenal of tricks under your sleeve, we’re sure you’ll impress on and off-piste.

Alpine Infusion Top 5 Skiing Gadgets


The Ultimate hands-free camera: Go Pro Hero 7

For free-rider’s looking to capture the alpine scenery and document their trail hands-free, the Go Pro Hero 7 has lots to offer.

With higher quality 4K video, voice control, live streaming and geotag capabilities, this camera is worth the lavish price tag.

Go pro has even gone international, with voice commands in seven different languages!


Stay connected on the slopes with the Solis Skyroam

For the millennial skier who can’t bear to be too far away from a solid internet connection, this portable Wifi hotspot allows you to stay connected on the mountain.

Also, no more roaming charges!

Best thing about the Skyroam? It gives you unlimited data, secure, fast connection and pay-as-you-go convenience for as little as £6.50 a day.


Keep cosy with the Salomon QST Pro 120 Ski Boots

Ski boots are the most important piece of equipment you can purchase as a skier. So it’s important to get it right.

Do you believe there’s no ski boot that can feel comfortable? Well, your mind is about to be blown.

These lightweight boots even have a walk mode, which is perfect for beginners and the walk back to your chalet.

Alpine Infusion Top 5 Skiing Gadgets


The professional’s performance tracker from Rossignol and PIQ

The Fitbit of the skiing world, this performance tracker monitors your angle, speed, transition, turn rate and a whole lot more.

The tracker straps on to your boot, has a six-hour battery life and is made by one of the longest running ski brands around.

And it gets better! After your session you can find out whether you made the leader board in your country or resort.

Practical style: The Helly Hanson Stoneham Jacket

Available in a range of colours, this jacket uses innovative Helly tech materials to create the perfect blend of waterproof and breathable fabric.

The Helly Flo system guarantees to regulate your temperature no matter the conditions. It even has an insulated inside pocket to keep your phone from getting chilly!

It’s built for comfort and speed and most importantly, it’s flexible. So you’re ready for any turn or bump.

With a suitcase full of gadgets, you are ready to be unleashed on the slopes! You just need to work out where you’re staying. Alpine Infusion offer a variety of luxury chalets in Méribel and Courchevel, perfect for an unforgettable holiday.



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