Ski touring, Lyngen Lodge, Norway
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Ski Touring, Lyngen Lodge, Norway

Ski Touring in the Stunning Norwegian Lyngen Alps.

A Trip of a Lifetime!

A ski touring trip to Norway had been sitting on the bucket list for a while – then at the end of last season it came off the list and happened. Summit to sea skiing. Lyngen Lodge style!

The flights left the UK, went via Oslo and then very far North to Tromso from where it is a beautifully scenic drive along the fjords and across the countryside to get to Lyngen Lodge.

Ski Touring, Lyngen Lodge, Norway

The lodge is another level. Stunning. Nestled beautifully just off the road and almost at the waters edge. The staff were so welcoming and it quickly felt like home. This was already shaping up to be a great few days.

Truth be told it was extremely late in the season – end of May and almost into June. It hadn’t been a great season for the North of Norway and the previous month had proven unseasonably mild. But it  didn’t dampen any enthusiasm in the slightest. How could it? Both Graeme (one of the owners) and Andreas (our guide)  were brimming with local knowledge, experience, infectious smiles and optimism.

The Lodge.

Words can’t really describe how great this place is. Not only it is crafted into the countryside with glorious views that surround you. It is comfortable and cosy. It has these amazing slippers that you’ll want to take home (but sadly aren’t allowed to). It has a sauna, a hot tub, an open fire, a snug room, a TV/games lounge and then it has the dining room.

The dining room could’ve been the favourite area as dinners were simply and utterly delicious!! King crab, salmon, scallops, reindeer, lamb, fresh vegetables and desserts all lovingly created by the lodge’s chef.

Next day’s breakfast was vast and ample. More than enough to set up for the day ahead. Lunch was made after breakfast. Sandwiches, fruits, nuts and hot teas to be carried in backpacks.

The day ahead.

The lodge is spectacular but ski touring was the main aim of the trip. Sadly as it was so late into what was a poor season there was not going to be the delights of a true “summit to sea” experience. But there were plenty of mountains, with plenty of snow so there was definitely going to be some walking up of said snowy mountains and then skiing back down them afterwards.

Ski Touring, Lyngen Lodge, Norway

Day 1 was a great introduction to the area and for the guide to get to know the capabilities of his group. Unfortunately again the weather did not play as it should but it felt quite familiar and “quite Scottish” in many ways! The mood could not be dampened although the weather did try its best.

The midnight sun.

For an added extra-curricular adventure it was felt a bonus tour was achievable. The lack of any night-time is quite incredible and when conditions are right then skiing under the midnight sun is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Leaving the lodge after a delicious dinner and with a pioneering spirit a simple tour up the local hill behind the lodge provided an extra special element to the trip.

Ski Touring, Lyngen Lodge, Norway

Day 2

Unfortunately, it started even more Scottish than the previous day. After an extended breakfast and keeping a close eye on the weather it was decided that there was never going to be a good time that day. It didn’t look like clearing so why wait any longer. As a bonus start and to bring a smile to the occasion the lodge uses it’s stunning boat to commute to some of the touring.

Ski Touring, Lyngen Lodge, Norway

Then with a little bush whacking to get up to the snow line the skins were attached and ski touring in the land of the Norwegian Trolls could begin.

Again the weather was pretty bleak but Andreas the guide kept pushing on and seemed to know something that nobody did. And how right he turned out to be. Turning a corner into another hanging valley the temperature suddenly dropped. The rain that had consistently lightly fallen all day turned white and light and flake-like. Another hour of walking to the summit gave incredible views in all directions but also a chance to ski some powder.

Ski Touring, Lyngen Lodge, Norway

Some nice, easy, light powder skiing on the 29th May.

In a region which was almost as far North as you can go without stepping into polar bear country.

With good friends and good company.

Under the great guidance and eternal optimism from our man Andreas.

Based out of a 5* log cabin called Lyngen Lodge.

After this long day a G&T in the hot tub was something to aspire to. Soaking tired legs and bodies in the jacuzzi on the deck of the lodge with a 10/10 stellar view. After having done 3 days worth of touring in just 2 days. And with the knowledge that another world class feeding at dinner was not far away.

If there is a heaven then this felt pretty close to it. It felt Scottish at times but it wasn’t. It was the Lyngen Alps. And one day a return trip is required to sample the true experience of skiing Summit to Ski in this most fantastic of places.


***Lyngen Lodge Ski Touring Trip 2019. A Trip of a lifetime. Be a part of it. Find out more!***



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