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Marmalade Tips: why book a lesson?

The quest for improvement never stops!

At Marmalade our sole purpose is essentially simple – we are here to help you make the most of your time and to maximise your enjoyment on the hill. The way to do this varies depending on the individual/group and what they want to achieve out of their time. Whether it is a single 3 hour private lesson or a full week of guiding.

At the start of the week we will ascertain exactly what it is you want to learn, achieve, practise or gain from your time with us. From there we can move forward and start to deliver. Not everyone wants the same from a ski lesson so no two lessons will ever run the same.

Marmalade Ski Instructor


The goals people are looking for vary hugely – some want to purely be guided around the slopes whilst some like to break down each individual movement and sensation so they can gain technical knowledge, input and critique.

We love both. And everything in between.

At one end of the scale our team are vastly knowledgable, experienced and time-served in the 3 valleys. We know these slopes and mountains like the back of our hands. How to find good snow, quiet slopes and big smiles is part of our everyday.

perfect the pistes

At the other end of the spectrum we have all spent many years honing and perfecting our skiing to gain the qualifications required to teach in these mountains. We still love skiing and are still out there learning, gaining more experience and striving to continually improve our own technical performance.


We know the mountains and we know the sport of skiing. And we know how to transfer some of this knowledge to you to help in your own quest for improvement.

For most of people any session with Marmalade will have an element (small or large) of technical improvement. By getting better it becomes easier and more enjoyable. Depending on the individual the path to getting better can be tailored and changed every day.

The way we are taught to teach is to look at a performance from 6 different aspects.

  • Technical – the nuts and bolts of what makes a ski turn and how to achieve it efficiently and expertly.
  • Tactical – what are you trying to achieve as you descend. Which path are you taking? What size or type of turn should you use?
  • Physical – are you feeling on form and physically capable for what you want to do.
  • Psychological – how is the head today? Are you engaged in what you are about to try.
  • Equipment – are your skis, boots enabling you to perform to you best?
  • Environment – is the weather, the mountain or some other factor going to impact or augment what we are trying to achieve.

Each one of these factors can affect us on any single day or indeed at varying times throughout the day. Our job is to work out which one(s) will benefit you the most and use it/them to get to the goal of better skiing.

We have the philosophy to keep skiing simple and not to over-complicate it. The more you can learn and understand about the fundamentals of good skiing the better. Solid skills are the platform to great skiing. Without the good basics we’ll always struggle.

Each season we try to put out a few wide reaching videos that can help everyone – from beginner to expert. These are simple, easy and effective skiing tips. Here’s a couple from previous years…


We hope to see you on the slopes this winter!


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