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Our prices are changing from ££ to €€

As of Monday 16th October all of our prices at Marmalade Ski School switched to €€’s. The new prices can be found on our pricing page here.

There are a few reasons for making the switch but mainly it’s due to the recent unreliability of the exchange rate. This has made it very difficult to keep our prices at a steady competitive level to that of other ski schools in resort.

Our prices will now be set at a competitive point from the start of the season and will remain at that same competitive level throughout the winter.

We believe that this is just a minor change. One which will not detract away from our products or services but will in fact be of a benefit everyone.


For this season only there will be a couple of exceptions.

1. Any “Youths” groups being booked for February half term.

2. The “Intro to off-piste” MarmaCamp that is arranged for January.

This is due to a limitation in our software where we cannot change the group set up if there are already spaces that have been booked and paid for in ££’s.

Any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to get in touch


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