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New Skiing in Meribel, 3 Valleys

Skiing news from Meribel and the 3 Valleys.

What has Meribel got up it’s little snowy sleeves for all us keen skiers and snowboarders this year?

WIFI on the slopes – now you can escape the pressure of work even less!! Or more enjoyably send all your colleagues pictures and videos of you enjoying yourselves in the off-piste or cruising the empty Meribel pistes (with your favourite Marmalade ski school of course).

powder powder powder

skiers fresh tracks courchevel

6 extended wifi spots (top of the Plan des Mains chairlift, the DC Chill Zone, finish of the Yooni run in Mottaret , Mottaret piknic’n relax room. And in Meribel at the summit of the Rhodos lift and the top of the Plan de l’Hommes chairlift.)


Adapted beginner slopes– Beginner skiing in Meribel just got made even better for you. On the Tougnete side of the mountain the Escargot run has an easier alternative to previous years. Meanwhile over in the Altiport area the famous Blanchot run has an easier option too.


No more Moon Park – that was so last year darling. For Meribel now has its own park, cleverly named the Meribel Terrain Park and is accessible to all levels. Even you Mum ;) With soft impact boxes and fun cross makes it much less daunting and learner friendly


Night sledding – Mottaret, the Himalaya run Tuesdays and Thursdays. Floodlit and loads of fun!! With tunes a going and wintry treats a plenty who needs the bar?


Yeti Park – Mottaret’s Yeti Park has been further tweaked and is taking shape. As well as the fun tunnels and rollers there’s now a Zip wire, Igloos and enough stuff to keep the kids amused for ages if or when they are tired of skiing.


Inuit Area – Located in the mellow Altiport domain, Meribels Inuit area keeps getting better year on year and this winter, as well as all the fun and safe obstacles that were there last year, you can find swings, snow golf, fishing games and 2 entertainers there to give you a much earned breather!


And this is all just on the snow and on the slopes of Meribel.

What lies beyond the snow………

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