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New Developments for Meribel

The news is what’s new?

New developments for Meribel this winter include the addition of further picnic/rest areas in picturesque areas of the mountain. An increasing commitment to snow making facilities. A cheeky wee flexible 4 hour pass. More fun kiddies skiing. Snow Parks. And much, much more but what we think is the biggest news is with the lifts.

To read more about any of the above have look on the Merinet site which is a great source for information Meribel related.

Meribel and across the 3 Valleys is fantastic for continually upgrading and modernising the lift system to make it faster, more efficient and easier to get back up the hill. Making our downward (skiing) journey even better.

But here at Marmalade we are a little unsure about the latest development.

Roc de Tougne Meribel

This summer waves bye-bye to the Roc de Tougne double drag lift and says hello to a spanking new 6 man chairlift which will take us effortlessly to the top in less than 3 minutes as opposed to a crotch-wrenching 10 minute steep button lift.

New developments in Meribel valley

So what’s the problem?

Surely this is fantastic news as the two Meribel slopes from the top are often the best in the valley given their northerly aspect. The challenging bumps on Bartavelle are some of the best in the whole 3 valleys. The off-piste accessible from the top is ridiculously good. Plus an extra bonus is that this new lift should be able to stay open in harsher weather than previously so the links have an extra chance of staying open in bad weather and the taxi drivers have less of a chance of making a fortune driving trapped skiers back to Belleville.

It’s a win, win, win situation. So what is our problem?

Well quite frankly this area was under skied and under valued because of the drag lifts. This meant even in the busiest of weeks it was a little haven for skiing. It is some of the best skiing in resort and nobody went there. We’ve spent many an hour and day riding up that drag lift to enjoy some great skiing but now we may have to share it.  :-(

So, selfishly, we could be a small bit upset about having to share this great area of the mountain with the masses but the silver lining is that if more people ski then that means bigger bumps. Bartavelle bumps are about to go MASSIVE – which is great news for fans of the mogul.

Mogul Skiing

Well done to Meribel for contining to develop and improve our experience on the hill. We are not really that upset with you. Promise.

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