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Meribel Group Ski Lessons

The “How To” sessions – Meribel group ski lessons guaranteed to work for you.

Our “How To” sessions are our answer to the typical Meribel group ski lessons. As with many things Marmalade we’ve tried to create something a little different from what is normally on offer.

Traditional group ski lessons can be fantastic; a great way to learn skiing and make new friends who are of a similar standard to yourself.

We decided that after a year or so of bigger groups and learning very much what your instructor wanted you to learn that maybe you’d like something new. Something fresh! Something #AvecZest even!

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The How To sessions

These are small groups – 4 people maximum. More like a shared private ski lesson than a group ski lesson. You do not need to sign up for a full week, instead they are just run over two afternoons. The idea being that all you need is some good positive pointers at this point in your ski career. The commitment to turn up for ski school is much less, the attention you receive is much greater and the results are high.

For total beginners and early intermediates then the normal group ski school sessions can be perfect as you are very much guided through every step of the way. (Or the other perfect way to progress is with a private one-on-one lesson) But back to the Meribel group ski lessons – once you have reached a comfortable level then you no longer need constant guidance and supervision. A little instruction here and there can really convert your skiing. Like all good ski school the concept is still based on the fundamentals but from here you can really learn how to ski the whole mountain.

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The “How To” sessions on offer are…

  • The Blue How to – learn to confidently control your speed and turns when the slopes get steeper or more variable due to snow conditions. Introducing smaller / shorter turns and improving grip on steeper slopes.
  • The Red How To – learn to master the variety of terrain you may come across: bumpy afternoon pistes, steeper pitches, icy patches. Leave feeling confident to take on almost any piste in any condition.
  • The Black How To – Master the mountain. Leave feeling able to enjoy every run in any resort in any condition.
  • Intro to Off-Piste – Looking to start straying to the other side of the piste markers? Develop the skills and tactics to enjoy the soft stuff!

With small groups (4 max) and optimum student focus these courses are a real fast track way of increasing your understanding and ability as quickly as possible.

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Meribel Group Ski Lessons

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