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Meribel 2018,19 News

Meribel News

Each year we are please to report on changes being made across the 3 Valleys. Changes like installing new lifts and creating new runs. Efforts to reduce queues, waiting times and increase the all important ski time. Commitment to snow making facilities to ensure conditions all through the winter. Accommodation and off-snow entertainment for all the family.

And this year is no exception.

Much to the dismay of a few but joy for others is the bye bye to another drag lift. Cherferie shall be no more and will be replaced by a new 6 man chairlift.

Drag lifts are always great at keeping the crowds away and securing pistes for the few so sometimes it is a shame to see them go. But usually they are replaced with something pretty fantastic and we are sure this will be no different. It’ll increase the turn around speed to repeatedly enjoy the beautiful blue run from the top and then a new red has been created as well.


From the Chaudanne there is a big change in that both chairlifts – Roc de Fer and Plan de l’Homme – are making way for the “Legends”. A premium chairlift with bubble shield and heated seats for those inclement days will escort up to 3,600 people per hour up to the top in under 5 minutes.

Meribel Alpina (the lift company) has increased the amount of snow cannons and reservoirs to allow for even more snow making when possible.

Finally, two new 5 star hotels are arriving in town and up in the mountains the Refuge de Traie is getting a major make over.

And this is just in Meribel. There is much, much more happening across all the 3 Valleys.

But rest assured that despite these changes Meribel and Marmalade will always give you the familiar and warm welcome you deserve. Come say hello.

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