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Team Marmalade News…….

Marmalade Ski School 2016,17 Team News!

What’s new and newsworthy with our delightful little band of ski instructors we hear you cry?

Marmalade Ski School Apres Ski!


Here we go –


Roby Roberto Bobby Boy – gone native in the jungle.

  • He’s gone travelling. Promises he’ll be back from Vietnam, Cambodia and other far flung places in time for lifts opening. A promise is a promise Roberto…….

Tommy – gone loco in the wine business.

  • Smashing Wines – set up with two good friends of his. Importing organic, biodynamic, natural wines into his stomach (sorry I meant the UK and then for sale to you!).

Filippo – gone running.

  • This kid is a lunatic. He lives half way up the Monte Rosa in Italy and enjoys running round Mont Blanc for fun! As well as looking after the family restaurant and preparing his home made grappa in time for the Marmalade season (we’re scared).

Jojo – gone Jayne Fonda.

  • Recently taken her Personal Trainer exams and training. Will no doubt be a smash hit at that as well!

Del – gone to daddy day care.

  • Holly (D’s wife) and Del had their first child arrive this summer – a boy. He’s a welcome and brilliant addition to  the squad!

Greg – gone ballistic Mav.

  • Most recently went to Top Gun and had a flying lesson!! Watch out birds….

Nick – just gone…….

  • Nick enjoyed a great holiday to Bali during the summer but he’s been head down working as an electrician and plasterer since then. You need a refurb? He’s your man.

Andy P – gone cycling.

  • A solid summer spent in the saddle cycling round the Alps and enjoying Meribel for all she’s worth during the summer months.

Andy K – gone back to his roots.

  • Bought a new house in Spain for him and his wife and just recently flew back to his home land of Australia. We think to go rob a bank and pay off his mortgage.

Millie Kerr – gone and joined Marmalade!!!

  • That a girl!
meribel ski instructor ski school courchevel

Millie Kerr – Marmalade’s newest ski instructor

That last name may be a fresh one for you but we have known and loved Millie for several years now. Ever since she was a bar maid feeding (overfeeding) us beers back in the day.

A long time has past since then and she is now fully qualified, suitable experienced and raring to go!! She has an amazing teaching pedigree having taught water skiing and water sports down in Cornwall all her life. Millie comes to us from Magic in Motion where she has spent many good years plying and learning her trade. She is also a Personal Trainer and has her own little set up call Millie Kerr Fitness which is again based down in Cornwall.

A fantastic skier, a truly personable teacher and a much valued new member of our  team.

We hope that over the course of this next winter or more you get a chance to spend some time with her.

What else what else can we tell you??

Not much except the whole team are very much looking forward to a whole load of this ……

Skiing Meribel

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