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Who knew Da Vinci was such an avid skier and sportsman amongst all his other great traits?

As we step into Autumn and start to see the first signs of leaves changing colour along with a freshness to the air it can’t help but tell a few of us that winter is on it’s way.

What are you looking to achieve this winter season? How far will you go to achieve your goals?

We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations of what we want to achieve in life but how many of us actually fulfil them? Even if when we do we simply replace those dreams with the next big thing. Some goals are hard to reach but they are always easier with a helping hand.

That’s where Marmalade Ski School can help. If you have something that you have always wanted to do –  skiing, snowboarding, telemarking – then let us help you achieve. Let us show the way to success. Any dream big or small can be fulfilled with some expert guidance, tuition, planning and encouragement.

Within our team we are all individually still looking at ways to improve, to get better, fitter, faster, technically more sound, more experienced on our mountain. We’ll never stop looking for the next level. With this desire to keep learning comes the highs and lows – we know what it is like to fail, to struggle but also to make breakthroughs. The breakthroughs are the highs and what keeps you going. The enthusiasm and motivation. That’s where the extra zest comes in our lessons – you’ll see….

So whatever it is you would like to achieve this winter then Marmalade is here for you.