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Marmalade Development Week – Intro to Off-Piste

If you are looking for a fantastic introduction to the world of off-piste skiing then this week could be for you.

During the week you can expect:

  • 5 full days off piste tuition.
  • Full safety equipment provided (backpack, transceiver, shovel and probe)
  • Training on how and when to use the safety equipment.
  • Introduction into general snow awareness and mountain safety



This is a 5 day course running from Sunday to Thursday. Each day is a full day on the hill with a lunch stop somewhere each day. (Lunch is not included in the price of the course.)

The course is designed to be an introduction to off-piste skiing.** We will start the week making sure we have some of the good technique on the piste then gradually start dipping our toes further and further off the sides – each day building on our technique, our confidence and ability.

Each day we will endeavor to take on some new snow, terrain and use new or developed skills that will put you on the road to confidently skiing away from the pistes.

off-piste skiing meribel

This season our course is a 5 day course starting on Sunday 19th January

If it runs to plan then it gives us the final day – Friday – for you to run free and revisit anything you would like to revisit.  To have a day escaping our grasps! Or we can arrange a “bolt on” last day trip if the conditions and numbers wish it.

Alternatively if we have some truly awful weather mid week then we may take that day as our “day off” so that we don’t waste one of our 5 days battling the elements. There is, and will always be, plenty of good options for us in adverse weather but if it calls for it then some days aren’t worth fighting! We’d rather make use of the best 5 days in the week.

**please note we do run alternative courses through the season if this is not quite for you. The course before the Introduction to Off-Piste would be the All Mountain course. This is a week where we make the most of whatever snow lies on the ground before us but is a great way to gain confidence skiing terrain other than the smooth pistes. Getting used to different terrain, steepnesses and different snow types too. This would then lead nicely into the Introduction to Off-Piste.

Similarly if you already have some experience and feel confident in your ability to ski gentle off-piste or you have already had a good introduction to this type of skiing  then the next course for you may be the Off-Piste Improvers course.



For the week we will provide any safety equipment that is required. Some people may already have their own backpack, transceiver, shovel and probe. If not then we can provide this equipment included in the price the course. We will also teach and train you how to use everything.

Skis –  our advice would be to go for an “All Mountain’” ski with a width underfoot between 70mm and 90mm (maybe 100mm at a push!) This will offer you a broader range of snow types and terrain to ski. Much narrower or wider than this will limit you in some situations.

If we are blessed with incredibly good, deep snow then we may all take a trip to the shop during the week and pick out some bigger skis but we would advise packing some All Mountain skis.

Via Marmalade you can rent appropriate skis with White Storm which is located in Méribel centre. If you use ‘Marmalade’ as the promo code when booking you will receive a nice little discount.

Please email us at or fill out our contact form for any questions, queries or further information.

See you on the slopes


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