Get Ready For Skiing
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Get Ready For Skiing.

Big thanks to our MarmaLady Millie Cameron for putting this together. Millie is not only one of our champion instructors but she’s also the driving force behind Wavehunters Fitness based out of Polzeath, Cornwall.

These three exercises are simply different ways to augment your existing program or add into your day to day activities.

They WILL help prepare you for skiing.

They work on: balance; agility; strength; coordination; movement patterns akin to skiing; plus they require a level of effort and concentration – just like skiing!

Have fun and we hope you enjoy!

No specialist equipment required. No expensive gym membership needed. 

Wavehunters Fitness – Our Gym is Outdoors!

Welcome to your three alternative ways to go up a flight of stairs.  

3 Up 2 Down

(warning – don’t do this one if you are in a rush!)

Action required – its pretty simple really, you are going to go up 3 stairs and then come back down 2. One foot only on each step,  this allows you to keep changing the lead leg as you change direction and head back up the stairs. Its a quick movement and will get the blood pumping, whilst maximising the amount of steps that you have.

Top tips – This can be done at a walking tempo… if time is on your side. Otherwise think quick feet, think quick change of direction, driving arms and stay light on those toes to keep this movement fluid.

The benefits – Build stamina, endurance and cardio ability. All great for keeping you moving when the lactic acid builds up or the “burning legs” appear. Giving you a better chance to hold form on those testing runs! 


Diagonal Step Jumps

Action required – starting with your lead leg of choice you are going to jump up onto the far side of the 1st step, you will then jump up to the 2nd  step and land on the other foot, as far as you can on the other side. I.e if starting with your left foot on the far left side of the step you will then jump up onto your right foot as far over on the right side of the next step. Continue jumping laterally up the stairs, while aiming to only have one foot on the steps at anytime.

Top tips – Keep the landing soft by being flexed through the knees, and keep the power strong by engaging the core. Working from one side to the other trying to create a continuous rhythm as you head on up the stairs. The more explosive you can be the better.

The benefits – Balance and agility moving from one leg to another which is exactly what you need to do skiing down the hill. Athletic movement to project your body in a new direction which, again, is exactly the move we make to go from one turn to the next. This exercise replicates some very fundamental elements of ski technique but on a more manageable surface and platform. 


Squat Step Jumps

Action required – Starting at the bottom of the steps, feet shoulder hit width apart, you are going to try and jump both feet up 2/3 or if your feeling really spicey 4 flights of steps. Upon landing you will sink into a squat and then use the continuous momentum to drive up the same amount of steps again and again until you reach the top.

Top tips – Use the arms to help create momentum, but also to help with balance. Keep the core engaged and the upper body in a forward attacking position, to help keep the weight moving forward as you spring your way up. 

The benefits – As with the diagonal step jumps this exercise replicates sensations and movements from skiing. During this exercise we cannot remain in a flexed, squat position – we wouldn’t be able to promote ourselves further up the flights of stairs. To achieve the exercise we have to stretch and propel ourselves up then land in a controlled and balanced manner. This is the same movement our legs should be making whilst in skiing as well.


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