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Floa Baselayers Review

Floa Baselayers

Here’s our review of the new Floa Baselayers.

We’ve been using these base layers for almost a full season now. In short our review is easy – if you are looking for a high performing base layer then this is a brilliant option.

Floa Baselayers

We are no experts in materials, textile fabrication or street fashion but we have worn, tried and tested many a garment over the years. We know what we like, what works and what doesn’t. Here’s our thoughts……

  • Worn in high intensity activity such as ski touring or hiking up the mountain. 
    • Didn’t get too hot. Didn’t feel sweaty. Didn’t get cold after the activity. And it didn’t stink the next day!!
  • Worn in cold weather. 
    • Never felt cold or that we were missing a layer.
  • Worn as a performance compression layer
    • Can’t say much other than we’ve skied as hard as we’ve skied in any other garment. Whether the compression is a big factor or not we felt completely enabled and comfortable doing what we needed to do. We were also able to get up and go the next day with no complaints. If this was thanks to the impressive compressive qualities then thank you Floa!
  • Durability
    • They’ve been worn a lot this season. Washed a lot. Been put through a lot. They still look and feel the same as when we opened the packet.

Honestly, the best review or compliment we can give for the Floa baselayers is that simply we didn’t even notice they were there.

And that is as about as good a compliment as we can give to them. In comparison –  a lot of other garments fall short in areas like temperature regulation (too hot or not warm at all), breathability (you can smell a days effort!), comfort, washing ability, wearability (is this a word?), then finally technical performance vs fashion.

Floa – Marmalade recommended! 


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