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Meribel Children’s Ski Lessons – with a hint of zest……

Taking the school out of ski school

Children’s Ski School Meribel. Take 1 group of kids that can ski. Sprinkle a little Marmalade zest over the top and here’s the result. Youth’s!

‘The Youths’ courses are a new approach to ski school. Aimed specifically at children, kids, teenagers and young adults who have already progressed through the normal ski school spectrum but are still eager to ski, learn and see more of the mountains. They’re an excellent way to unlock skiing potential and a chance to push limits to the max.

What’s it all about?

We wanted to break away from the usual ski school format and drills that can become formulaic and repetitive, and really get the kids to ski. Traditional ski school is great for installing the basics of skiing but the most important thing is to keep it fun. So everything we teach is naturally absorbed. We go beyond the levels of normal ski schools and help those kids to rip… on the pistes, off the pistes, bumps, couloirs and even in the snow park. It’s an exhilarating week of all terrain skiing that encourages kids to learn about and respect the environment they’re in, whilst building their ability and maximizing on potential.

off piste kids school

Our Ethos

The Marmalade ethos is focused on bringing the fun and energy back into skiing – #aveczest. Our aim is to inspire the next generation of skiers with our ‘Youths’ programme.

Marmalade ski instructor Jojo said: “If you have kids who can ski but still want or need lessons to progress and practice (maybe because they’re wizzing past you and testing boundaries) then we can help. We aim for kids to have fun, learn loads, make friends and feel comfortable in all terrain. There’s nothing better than seeing how much they can progress in a week.”

The Details

Youth groups are available from the age of 10 and up to the age of 17. They require an existing level of skiing (a minimum of six weeks – see website for full details) and cost £380 for 5 days instruction – 4 hours a day (9.15 – 13.15) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Thursday is a full day with lunch included.

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