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Marmalade Development Weeks – The All Mountain Group

The All Mountain Ski Clinic – ski the snow on the ground!

During this week we will make the most of whatever conditions we are given. If the snow is soft and fluffy we will be playing and exploring that. If it isn’t soft and fluffy then there are many many more ways to enjoy the mountain – we will work on techniques that see us skiing more effectively and efficiently on pistes.

This All Mountain group clinic will prepare and develop you for; off-piste, bumps and moguls, steeper slopes and dealing with harder terrain.

Somebody (really?!? ) once said – “a truly great skier needs to be like a Swiss Army Knife!”

We think what they meant was that the best skiers  need to hold the ability to deal with a huge variety of tasks at any given moment. The aim of this All Mountain group clinic is to start turning you into a little pocket knife with all the necessary tools to use as and when required.

meribel powder on piste

Tools to help you make the most of perfectly groomed slopes. To enjoy skiing bumps, moguls and un-pisted runs. Skiing steeper slopes and looking to start enjoying powder and off-piste conditions beside the runs.

This 5 day All Mountain Group with Marmalade is perfect for those who are happy skiing almost any and every run in resort but struggle when the going gets particularly tougher. Or  for those who would love to start actively seeking out the more challenging activities and start to enjoy the success in achieving what was previously unattainable!

The course is scheduled to run from Sunday to Thursday. With Friday being a day off to enjoy your won time and ski at your own leisure. Or it can be a chance to bolt on an additional day to keep progressing with what we have done through the week or try something more specific.

courchevel piste skiing

We also have the flexibility to swap the day off to suit the group or the weather during the week.

This is our most popular course and will be running a few times during the season.  It is a great course where the outcomes are quite broad. It is not specific to skiing off-piste or limited only to the pisted runs. As a minimum the desired current level of skiing should be confidently skiing parallel on all red runs and most easy black runs too. This season’s dates for the course are

  • Sunday 15th December
  • Sunday 2nd February
  • Sunday 21st March

For any more information or question please don’t hesitate to email us at

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