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Del – Alderney

Del’s summer ventures – Alderney

The most asked question for any ski instructor? “So what do you do in the summer?”

Here’s Del’s reply – well the Marmalade work never ceases and the work is varied but my main summer income these days comes from being an electrician. I live and work on a small island in the English Channel  called Alderney.


I count myself fortunate that my wife’s father sailed here about 40 years ago and fell in love with this strange little island. If it weren’t for that then he and his family wouldn’t have summer’ed here every year and we would never have been presented with the opportunity of running The Georgian House for our first summer stint. That was in 2010. Since then we have gone from running it from a one-off summer stint to a successful year-round venture.

If you have Instagram then check out our great feed with local pictures and local produce at the forefront of what we do. #eatlocal


Each summer you’ll find us bringing a slice of the Alps to this little island with bands, comedians and events that regularly grace our alpine scenes during the winter. It is not always an easy place to get to but when you do get here then there is something about the place that’ll get under your skin and you won’t want to leave.


Since 2011 our business has grown. Actually I will confess that it’s all the wife and her hard work. She’s the champ who makes it all happen!! I merely worked there for a few years and these days exploit my rights to using the coffee machine for free in return for listening to the daily trials and tribulations. But anyway we have grown to supplement the 4 bedroom Georgian with a 7 room B&B called The Victoria. Then finally there is The Moorings which a brilliant little beach bar with a big presence.

As a special little deal for all you readers of “The Spread” we are offering a 10% discount on any accommodation booked from now till the end of 2018 – just drop the Marmalade connection when booking to receive your discount on any room booking.

I hope to see you here for a coffee or something stronger soon!

Alderney is as unique, special, beautiful, homely, timely, historical, bizarre, crazy, encapsulating little island! If you want a little look at what’s its all about then check out this little video from someone who knows a thing or two about it….

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