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Marmalade Development Week – Pre Season Starter

5 reasons to come skiing before Christmas in Meribel.

Meribel and the 3 Valleys opens their doors in early December but is it one of the most under valued parts of the season?

So why  take a punt and ski during “premiere neige”? The days are short, it’s cold and who knows what the snow conditions will be? Well here are 5 reasons we think to book an early season ski trip…..

  1. The resort is quiet. Very quiet.
  2. You WILL be skiing. Guaranteed.
  3. It’s perfect for focussing on technique.
  4. It’s cheap.
  5. Kickstart what is going to your best skiing year ever.
preseason skiing meribel

It’s Quiet

It’s rare during the season that you can ski whole runs from top to bottom without seeing another person. But pre-season it’s not that rare at all. In fact it’s quite nice when you do see other skiers.

With quiet slopes comes space. There is space to practise and ski “in the zone” without fear of being crashed into or worse – doing the crashing into.

You WILL be skiing. Guaranteed.

It may be pre-season and everyone will always have the fear about snow conditions and just what will it be like. Well, from experience we can tell you what the worst case scenario is – a full week of skiing on piste.

Even in the worst case scenario we are blessed to be situated in the middle of the world famous Les 3 Vallees. A ski area that commits to snow making and doing it’s utmost to always get snow on the ground. The ski resort may open its doors early in December but they prepare the resort for that moment as soon as the temperatures fall low enough to start making snow.

Plus we are neighbours to the highest ski resort in the Alps – Val Thorens. So a couple of chairlifts and we can be skiing over there. There is no reason not to expect skiing during this week.

Sometimes we may be restricted to the pistes given the snow conditions and then sometimes………. we get fresh!

December can be a stormy month and as such can give us some brilliant snow fall. Short and cold days. As such the snow that falls is light and stays fresh all day. December powder is a joy. There isn’t a large snow pack to be doing all the big off-piste but when you know where to head you’ll enjoy some true delights.

pre season skiing meribel

It’s perfect for focussing on technique.

Going back to point one with the quietness, emptiness and space in resort it really is a great time to focus on your skiing technique. In truth we are also slightly limited as to what is open this early in the season – the resort is open but not 100%. Only the big main lifts and about half the runs are ready for us.

This means that runs will be skied more than a few times during the day. To keep up the enjoyment of these runs we need to make them more challenging each time. Focussing on your balance, movements or drills that will serve to make your skiing more refined, more elegant, more efficient and goddam more sexy! After all -isn’t that what it is all about??

The majority of people who are out skiing this week are on this same mission – to improve so it’s a great way to surround yourself with some like minded people.

Finally, school’s such as the mighty Marmalade put on courses especially for this week. The Pre-Season Starter week is scheduled to run this year starting on Monday 9th December.

  • 5 x 4 hour mornings. Monday to Friday
  • €350
preseason skiing meribel

It’s cheap.

It’s the beginning of the season. Demand is low. Chalet companies are only just opening their doors. There are bargains galore. We can always help point you in the right direction if required but it’s a fantastic time to grab yourself a bargain and test out some of the chalet companies for a fraction of their normal prices. Other things that cost less this week…..

  • Air fares
  • Resort Transfers
  • Lift Passes (marginally!)
  • Ski School

Kickstart what is going to be your best skiing year ever.

We appreciate that not everybody has the option to ski more than once in a season. We all have lives which might dictate us otherwise.

But……if you are in a position where you can sneak an early week of skiing in then you are setting yourself up to ski the rest of the season better than ever. You’ll leave the week with the mind and body back into the skiing gear.

Confidence will be up. Understanding of techniques will be better. And the improvements you need practise will be fresh in your mind. You’ll be impressing all and sundry who you next go skiing with.

pre season skiing meribel

Reasons to go pre season skiing in Meribel?

The Marmalade Pre Season Starter.  Email us at or fill out our contact form for information/bookings.

For a full run down of all our courses running this winter have a look here.

Bring on the winter – it’s going to be a belter!

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