Sustainability & Environment




Within our time in this region of the Alps we have seen local and neighbouring glaciated terrain significantly depleted. We have seen the reliability of snow fall change throughout the season and we have seen daily/weekly temperature variations happen with increased regularity and scale.  

As a result we are seeing a change to the sport we love and the places we can enjoy.

Skiing as a sport and as an industry is starting to wake up to the above. Resorts are beginning to create greener ways of running their lift and resort infrastructure. Austria – in particular – and some French and Swiss resorts, are leading the way.  Manufacturers of equipment and clothing are looking at alternative production methods. Better lines of supply to move toward a more sustainable/environmentally positive version of their products.

Marmalade is now in our second year of working with Mammut as our uniform provider – not only are they of excellent quality and durability but they have a great approach to sustainability. As a company we have vowed to work with a uniform provider only if they can show the same level ethics and approach to their business.

Our team are encouraged to car share and/or use the good network of public transport around resort instead of driving whenever possible. As a team our biggest contribution to global greenhouse gases is from our personal transport. So, if we can minimise this then it’s a positive.

At the end of each winter season, we contribute toward a selected charity or organisation which has been chosen by one of our team and is something which is personal to them. Has tangible benefits to that person or their community plus can be considered as an “Earth Positive” movement.

Each instructor is asked at the end of each winter to make a personal and voluntary contribution towards the project. As a business, Marmalade also will add to the collective pot. Then on each invoice to our clients, our email footer and social events we invite our clients to join in with this contribution too.

This year we are collecting for and looking to donate toward their tree planting initiative. The River Dee in Aberdeenshire and the project is about looking after the well-being of the river. A healthy river Dee is vital for the future of the salmon that use this river. To keep it healthy they are planting trees and rewilding the banks to provide coverage of the river to stop the water temperatures rising. Our instructor Del has his roots in this area and can see first-hand the results of the trees that have been planted already.